Axis Hunting

trophy axis hunting near houston tx in columbus tx on oak creek ranchAre you looking for axis hunting near Houston to fill up your freezer with its unparalleled meat or to add a stunning trophy to your collection? Book with Oak Creek Ranch. Here’s a bit about why you must have this popular trophy hanging on your wall and sizzling on your grill.

History & Habits of the Axis Species

Axis are spotted deer native to southern India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka where they are known as chital. They were introduced into Texas in 1932 for hunting purposes and have thrived. They are the most abundant exotic in Texas both on ranches like Oak Creek as well as in wild herds after ranch escapees flourished. Between the free-ranging herds and ranches, axis are found in more than 30% of the counties of Texas.

These animals are similar in anatomy and character to North American elk. For example, a rutting axis buck sometimes bugles in the same way elks bellow. Both bucks and does vocalize alarm calls or barks.

The axis reproduce year-round with bucks losing antlers while others are rutting and does have their own estrus cycles independent of season.

axis deer hunting near houston tx on oak creek ranchAppeal of the Axis

Many game-eating folks say that axis is the best tasting and most tender meat of all deer species. It is not uncommon for people who do not care for venison or other game meat to say that they like axis.

Exotics like the axis may be hunted year-round in Texas with a valid Texas hunting license.

Axis hunters seek out this beautiful ruminant because of its majestic and impressive demeanor. Its most prominent features include:

  • its massive size, while 200 pounds is average for a buck, they do grow to 250 pounds.
  • its orange coat dotted all over with white spots reminiscent of a whitetail fawn.
  • its antler structure with three tines on each antler. The brow tine forms almost a right angle with the beam. Making the axis seem powerful and graceful at the same time, the front (outer) tine of the terminal fork is much longer than the hind (inner) tine.

Trophy-sized axis bucks range from 28″ to 42″ with usually three points on each side. These deer are awesome in stature, due to both their immense size and its extremely tall rack. Even seasoned deer hunters will find their hearts pounding as they point their scope on a magnificent axis buck readying to fire.

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Oak Creek Ranch brought in its axis herd from Eden, in far west Texas where the Hill Country gives way to expansive farms and some of the best Texas hunting around. The Edin area, in the Permian Basin, is famous for growing the largest axis bucks in the state. The invitation is always open to book your axis hunting with us and enjoy our beautiful ranch, comfortable accommodations, and come away with a beautiful axis buck. And maybe, an axis steak dinner to top it off. See our axis hunt prices.

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