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oak creek ranch exotic blackbuck antelope huntingAre you looking for blackbuck antelope hunting near Houston? We have these stunning creatures and make it easy to add this enviable trophy to your collection. Book with Oak Creek Ranch. Here’s a bit about why you must have this beast hanging on your wall.

History of the Blackbuck Antelope Species

Blackbuck antelope are known by several other names including Sasin, Kadiyal, Kala Hiran, and Indian Antelope. They are native to India, Nepal, and Pakistan. The blackbuck’s unique horns, strikingly dark color, and ability to thrive in warmer southern US climates have made them a favorite of hunters, especially in Texas. Another sportsman’s paradise, Argentina, also has a thriving imported population of this adaptable species.

Blackbuck antelope were first released in Kerr County, Texas, in late 1932. Of the total population of exotics in the state only axis deer outnumber blackbuck antelope.  While native populations in the Asian subcontinent grow larger, the average black buck in Texas grows to be about 3-feet tall at the shoulder and weighs an average of 84 pounds.

As the name implies, the mature buck is very dark, almost a black color, over his back and shoulders with a white belly and underside of the tail as well as white on the inside of the legs and in rings around the mouth and eyes. The does are a fawn brown to reddish brown color and usually don’t have the impressive horns associated with the bucks. These prized animals are fast, with the ability to run up to 50 mph.

oak creek ranch blackbuck antelope hunting is available near houston in columbus txAppeal of the Blackbuck Antelope

Most hunters seek the blackbuck antelope because of its striking features. While its black and white markings are attractive, it is their horns that make your kill taxidermy-worthy. The blackbuck antelope’s dark, almost black, horns are an eye-catching “V” with each horn narrowing towards the top coming to a fine tip. Each horn twists like a corkscrew one to four times along the length of the horn. A trophy blackbuck has a horn length of at least 18 inches, although some older bucks can have horn lengths of 24 inches or greater. In addition to the impressive shape and length, the horns have circles or ridges all along the length, making a terrific head mount presentation.

Also, the blackbuck is a diurnal species, active during the day except at the hottest times from noon to late afternoon and they mate yearround. So blackbucks are plentiful without the very limited optimal hunting windows that hunters face with the whitetail deer season.

Blackbuck antelope meat is a favorite of many who enjoy cuts of game. We hear many ranch visitors say they like chicken fried blackbuck steaks and slow-cooking on the grill.

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oak creek ranch exotic blackbuck antelope hunting near houstonBlackbucks were first released on Oak Creek Ranch in 2007. Since then, we have produced some beautiful trophy blackbucks with horns over 24″.

Much of the ranch’s habitat is very similar to the blackbuck’s native lands. These animals prefer open grassy areas and tend to avoid heavy forested areas or really rugged terrain. Ideally they prefer shorter grasses and sedge, but they will also graze on small species of brush. They often graze around the edges of patches of low brush and trees so they have access to cover if needed. The bucks and does are incredibly fast once they start moving, making hunting these antelope a challenge and a true test of marksmanship. In India and Nepal they are the fastest mammals and can outrun predators with virtually no problem. In Texas, especially on managed game ranches, the only predators that cause problems are the coyotes and this is only for animals that are old or ill or newborn fawns. This allows the bucks to develop to a good size with a showy set of horns, ideal for the trophy sportsman or woman. Typically groups consist of one dominant buck and 15 or more does. They are more territorial than some of the game species and males will aggressively defend their territory from other males, especially during the breeding season. For larger herds the territory can be up to 12 hectares in size, with the doe groups moving between the male’s territories. The younger bucks stay with the herds until they are approximately 2 to 3 years of age when they are run off by the dominant male. Dominant males spend much of their time herding does keeping them away from other males. Blackbuck meat is considered one of the best of the antelope species. Many hunters take does for their beautiful hide and delicious meat.

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