Deer Hunt Prices

White Tail Deer Hunt Rates

Boone & Crockett Score Price by Gross Score
120-129 $2500
130-139 $3500
140-149 $4500
150-159 $5500
160-169 $6500
170-179 $7500
180-189 $8500
190-199 $9500
200-210 $10500


Exotic Hunt Rates

Species Price
Axis Buck Hunt $4500
Blackbuck Buck Hunt $4200
Red Stag Hunt $7500
Addax Hunt $8500
Gemsbok Hunt $8750
Wildebeest Hunt $8000
Fallow Buck Hunt $6000
Scimitar Oryx $6900
Axis Bucks $5200
Gemsbok Bull $9200
Addax Bull $9200
Blackbuck $5200
Fallow Buck $6200
Red Stag < 300 $7700
Red Stag 301-349 $10200
Waterbuck $8200
Wildebeest $8200

Add-Ons: Any Hunt or Observers

Add-On Price by Gross Score
Axis Doe $750
Red Deer Hind $1000

Hunt Policies

  • Hunts are 3 days and 2 nights normally.
  • All hunts require a non-refundable $1200 deposit at time of booking.
    • Deposits are due when reservation dates are confirmed by ranch staff.
    • Ready to send your deposit? Go to our hunt deposits and payments page.
    • Deposit applied to trophy fee for harvest. If no trophy is taken, the deposit will not be refunded as it covers covers hunt expenses, guide, and lodging.
  • No trophy fee is charged if an animal is not harvested.
  • Gratuity is not included in trophy fee and is typically 15% to 20%.
  • Any wounded deer will be charged to the hunter the same as a harvested animal, guide determines score.
  • Trophy and management hunts include lodging, meals, guide, field dressing, and on-site cold storage during your visit as well as all ranch amenities such as catch-and-release fishing.
  • All hunts include guide, field dressing, caping and quartering, and on-site cold storage during your visit.
  • All deer hunt prices do not include hunting license or processing.
  • Observer rates are $150 per night and $75 for kids under 17. Includes meals and lodging.
  • Each hunter must complete the Hunter’s Release / Waiver of Liability form prior to arrival at the ranch.
  • To ensure the safety and enjoyment of ranch residents, employees, hunters, and guests, all visitors are subject to the ranch rules found at the end of the Release / Waiver form.