Deer Hunter Testimonials

Oak Creek Ranch owners and staff wish to thank our exotics and deer hunters for spending time with us and for sharing their experiences with others. See what they have to say below. 

management hunts for whitetail deer including bucks and doe meat are available at oak creek ranch near houston“Me and my daughter had an unbelievable time at Oak Creek. From first class lodging to first class guiding. With her first witetail buck harvested, it will be a memory she and I will have for a lifetime. Reid and the guys sure know how to make you feel right at home! I’m thrilled to say we will be back year after year to see what else e can harvest at Oak Creek Ranch!”

Joe Mandola
Whitetail Buck



oak creek ranch whitetail deer hunter testimonial jd lambert“What a wonderful hunting experience. Earl (our guide) is a hoot. Mr. Reid is great people. Had a wonderful time. Five-star place and plenty of animals to admire. Thank you for having me.”

JD Lambert
Whitetail Buck




oak creek ranch whitetail deer hunt testimonial by becca“I hunted the ‘#1 stand’, it was such a incredible experience. During my experience, there was a wide variety of wildlife to watch including blackbuck, axis, and massive white tail deer. I hunted the morning of October 5th 2014, it was clear and very chilly. There were a few deer before the feeder went off. After the feeder threw corn, quite a few bucks came in from the northeast of stand. Mr Reid carefully selected a deer for me to harvest. He set me up on a beautiful 10 point buck. The last morning of a great weekend, I was able to go home with a great deer and a wonderful weekend with such awesome company.”

Becca Tyler
Whitetail Buck