Gemsbok Hunting

oak creek ranch gemsbok hunting near houstonAre you looking for gemsbok hunting near Houston to put this exotic trophy on your wall? Book a hunt with Oak Creek Ranch in Columbus, TX, as there are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the gemsbok in Texas making it suitable for trophy hunting year-round. Here’s a bit about why you must have this striking trophy hanging on your wall.

History of the Gemsbok Species

Gemsbok, also called oryx, are a large antelope native to regions of southern Africa, found most plentiful (almost 400,000) in Namibia where 2 of these beasts grace the country’s coat of arms. Unlike our Texas whitetails that dwell in forests, gemsbok are natural inhabitants of the dunes and plains of arid regions such as the Kalahari desert.

Appeal of the Gemsbok

Gemsbok are spectacular animals. They have muscular necks and shoulders and their legs have white socks with a black patch on the front of both front legs. Both male and female have long, straight horns usually around 33″ in length. From a distance, the only visual difference between males and females are the structure of their horns. Many hunters (not our helpful guides, of course) frequently mistake females for males. In males horns tend to be thicker with larger broader bases. while female horns are slightly longer and thinner. In fact, Gemsbok female trophies are sometimes more desirable than males which is highly unusual in the world of buck hunting.

oak creek ranch exotics gemsbok (oryx) hunting Gemsbok males weigh from 400-530 pounds, females, 220-460 pounds. So there is a lot of meat to enjoy from one kill. Many think the gemsbok meat tastes similar to beef probably because it does have less of a “wild” taste than other game.

The year-round season for the gemsbok antelope is another reason it is a hunting favorite. Plus, you can claim you captured a medieval unicorn, well, that is what they did in England in those days when they sold gemsbok horns as unicorn horns!

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Gemsbok are a must have for your trophy room. Come and see us at Oak Creek Ranch for an enjoyable stay in our ranch house and an unforgettable hunting experience. See our gemsbok hunt prices.

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