Red Stag Hunting

red stag hunting near houstonAre you looking for red stag hunting near Houston? Avoid traveling around the world to put this behemoth trophy on your wall. Book year-round with Oak Creek Ranch in Columbus, TX, as there are no seasonal restrictions on hunting red stag in Texas. Here’s a bit about why you must have this mammoth-sized trophy hanging on your wall.

History of the Red Deer Species

These huge deer originated in Europe, Asia Minor, and Iran. This impressive species has been introduced in New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, and the US for sport hunting and their flavorful meat.

Red Deer are similar to elk but, a bit smaller. In fact, they are the largest deer next to elk and moose.

In 1969, in Great Britain, where red deer are native and abundant, new legislation permitted capture and commercial farming in captivity. The Red Deer flourish on Texas exotic ranches and because of this Texas has the highest population of the biggest Red Deer in the world. Now you know Texas Hunt Lodge is the place to get this trophy Red Deer, as we have access to over 100,000 acres of Texas ranches.

Appeal of the Red Stag

red stag deer hunt available at oak creek ranch near columbus-txA red stag bull ranges in weight from 350 to 750 pounds though in optimal conditions they can reach 1,000 pounds. Its impressive antler rack matches its size. Horns are branch and big older stag will have a large “crowns” at the end of his horns. A Red Stag’s horns can grow as fast as an inch per day. Usually stags have five or six points per, but a rack can have in excess of 20 points per side. The bigger the crown, the greater the trophy.

Its brown coat reddens in the summer months. Their rump patches can be light brown to rust colored. The stags develop a neck ruff during autumn keeping it through the winter.

Year-round hunting is available.

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Oak Creek Ranch has a nice herd of hinds and stags. A red stag hunt will have your heart pounding and trigger finger trembling. See our red stag hunt pricing. Book your hunt and come away with a nice trophy.

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