About Oak Creek Ranch

reid mcmillian and gina mcmillian are owners of oak creek ranch near columbus txRanch Owners

The McMillian family purchased Oak Creek Ranch in 2005. At time of purchase there were only 25 whitetail deer on the property. Over the years south Texas whitetail have been added as well as axis, blackbuck antelope, red deer, and gemsbok.

Located in Colorado County, just seven miles north of Columbus, Oak Creek Ranch has over 1000 acres of high-fenced hunting amid large oaks, cedar trees, rolling hills, ponds, lake, and open ranges.

An extensive game management program, in place since 2006, has produced top quality trophy deer. The addition of our breeding facility puts continual genetic improvements in place for years to come. Booking a hunt at Oak Creek Ranch assures you will come away with the deer hunt of your dreams.

Oak Creek Ranch Projects

Avid hunters and outdoorsmen, the McMillians are constantly looking for ways to improve the ranch’s hunting stock and the general wildlife in the area. Here are a some of the recent projects undertaken to improve the hunting and enjoyment of Oak Creek Ranch.

14-acre forrest lake benefits wildlife and game on oak creek ranch near columbus txForrest Lake

In 2015, the McMillians commissioned expansion of a large pond at the ranch into a 14-acre lake named after their children, Forrest and Lake. All wildlife and game on the ranch are benefiting from this new water source as well as ranch residents and guests who enjoy taking a swim or canoeing across the lake.

The lake is stocked with Florida largemouth bass, sometimes called black bass or bigmouth bass. We chose this species to provide an exciting fight, especially when they take to leaping out of the water during the catch.

In late 2016, the lake began providing catch-and-release fishing for ranch visitors. If time permits during trophy hunts or management hunts, you can give your favorite, lure, worm, jig, or spinner bait a try. 

Oak Creek Whitetail Breeding

The ranch owners and staff diligently monitor the Oak Creek whitetail breeding project in place since March 2016. The program has successfully produced fawns released into the ranch’s herds that have grown to prized trophy bucks and quality breeding stock. 

The whitetail breeding program continually improves the genetics and size of the whitetail bucks on the ranch enabling the ranch to offer 200 Class deer hunting

Ask for a tour of our expansive breeding pens especially at feeding time. It is exciting to witness the future of Oak Creek Ranch, as well as the future of improved genetics at other deer hunting ranches in Texas and beyond. 

Deer Hunting Lodge Improvements

oak creek ranch guests can enjoy our outdoor pavilion with grill, kitchenette, bar, picnic tables, and lounge area

The outdoor covered pavilion featuring a bar, kitchen, picnic table, and lounging area was added between the Main House and the Bunk House for entertaining and enjoying the beautiful sunsets and fresh dewy mornings.

New furnishings and fresh linens have made the main house even more comfortable and inviting. The owners’ many exotic trophies that adorn the wall are interesting to explore.

The ranch is managed full-time and is actively restocked continuously to ensure superb trophy hunts and plentiful meat hunts now and in the future.